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Vex 3 Unblocked

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vexVex 3 Unblocked is a fast paced, arcade style action game that will quickly have you addicted! You play as a stick figure in a world of moving blocks, destructive machinery, and dangerous obstacles. Race against the clock as you venture through this geometrically beautiful world, reaching your check points and smashing challenges. Vex 3 Unblocked centers around a number of challenges called Acts. As you explore the maze of machinery and geometric obstacles that make up the game play, you will reach large blocks with the words "Act 1" and so forth written on them. When you arrive on an Act, you will press down and be transported to another dimension of game play. You must complete the Act's challenge- be that diving into a water hole full of body slicing gears, or jumping a chasm filled with purple blocks that dissolve once you step on them- before you can reach the next check point, be returned to the maze, and continue forward in the game. The further you progress, the more difficult the challenges become. Luckily, you have an unlimited number of lives, and cheats are readily available: simply click the flashing help button that appears at the top of the screen in order to watch a quick Vex 3 Unblocked walk through. My favorite part of the game was the quickness of the game play. The delightfully active graphics and constantly changing game scene drove me forward to keep playing. The challenges were inventive and never repetitive, making each moment spent playing fun and exciting. The simple controls- just up, down, left, and right- make this a game anyone can easily get lost in. If you like old fashioned arcade style action games, and are looking for a fun and quirky game that will get you hooked, look no further than Vex 3 Unblocked - it is endless hours of challenging fun! You can play last, third Unblocked version of the Game Vex for free at official website

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